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The focus of our research is on ‘convergence’, starting from the basics. While working on the Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery, we also had the goal to improve energy density. The ultimate way to improve electrochemical properties is to use materials with a different chemistry, and conduct research focused on creating a material that could develop a conversion electrode or a material to increase operating potential. However, since materials technology has reached the state-of-the-art, our interest in the fundamentals of electrochemical phenomena has grown over time, rather than research on materials that can improve energy density. To perform an experiment on interfacial phenomena and analyse the effect of materials on it, we are interested in calculations of DFT (density functional theory), MD (molecular dynamics), etc. To check the effect of interfacial control on the overall cell, we study the behaviour of ions in an electric field using multi-physics such as COMSOL software. In order to investigate the complexities of interfacial phenomena, we think a methodological study is needed to interpret the phenomenon of reaction mechanism, kinetics, mass transfer and properties (hardness, modulus, etc.) as an electrical property (voltage, current, resistance). This is the focus of our current research.


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